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Need a Professional CPA to Calculate & Submit Your Corporate Tax Return?

We might just be the CPA firm you were looking for. We are an experienced and reliable CPA firm that specializes in a variety of corporate tax services for Small & Medium sized businesses in Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville & Ontario in general.

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Why Choose CFO360 For Your Corporate Tax Returns?

Although the CRA has made it simpler to file your own corporate income tax return (T2) it can still be difficult and confusing to file taxes on your own. The complex filing systems & tax knowledge needed to efficiently file your taxes is hard for most people to keep up with, which means they’re missing out on deductions or credits they deserve.

Our team of professional tax accountants will help you get every deduction and credit you deserve so that you can save money when filing your corporate income taxes this year. 

We have served countless of small & medium business owners with their corporate tax returns in Toronto and the GTA. We have the knowledge and expertise to file your taxes on time and with maximum efficiency.

What are the benefits of letting us help you file your corporate income tax return?

  • Keeping up with tax regulations can be complex and time-consuming. Leave it up to our tax experts
  • Focus on running your business, we’ll focus on your taxes
  • Missing out on deductions can cost you money. Often our services pay for itself 
  • Filing your taxes on time, means you won’t get penalized with penalties and interest

What Our Corporate Tax Returns Services Include

CFO360 offers a variety of services alongside corporate tax returns (business tax returns) including; corporate tax returns with a highly extensive and accessible knowledge base; financial reports such as budget analysis and cash flow statements.

You will be assigned one of our professional qualified accountants as your dedicated accountant that will provide you all the support, corporate tax return services, HST, GST and T2 returns, tax returns, tax planning, and accounting advice that you and your company need. We can help you keep accurate tabs on your performance with this time-saving service this tax season.

  • Preparation of Annual Financial Statements
  • Submission of Corporate Tax Return (T2)
  • Tax Planning and structuring
  • Filing of Nil Returns

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Our software partners are all used to increase efficiency, automate processes and enhance the performance of your finance department so you can focus on matters most to you.

Our software partners have been carefully considered and picked to best support our local small businesses within Ontario.

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Frequently Asked Corporate Tax Returns Questions

 Corporate tax returns are called T2 returns. All corporations need to submit an Annual T2 tax return to the CRA

There’s no legal or CRA requirement that business owners hire a tax professional to prepare their returns but tax legislation can be complex. It is quite easy to make an error or not claim expenses that you are entitled to. This can result in incorrect taxes being paid and if the CRA suspects that there could be errors, they could audit your finances. 

The filing deadline depends on your financial year end. Filing is due within 6 months after your financial year end (this could be different from the calendar year).

You might think that there is no need to file an annual tax return if your business was inactive or didn’t generate any income during the year, but you will be in for a surprise.

Every corporation must file their annual taxes regardless of whether they were active throughout the course of a fiscal year–even those who did not receive any revenue at all!

Yes. If the corporation has no revenue, it would be best to dissolve the corporation. 

CRA can charge late filing penalties. These are quite significant and usually start with 5% of the total owed tax amount. Further penalties can be added on such as 1% for each month the return is late by (up to a maximum of 12 months). Certain corporations can be charged a percentage of their capital employed in the business also. 

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"Very knowledgable and easy to work with. Great company!!!"
Steve Allen
Knew Sales Group
"Outstanding level of service. Highly recommend."
Layth Ashoo | Managing Partner
Golden Spruce Capital
"Professional, responsive, and insightful - all the things you need when you are a small business owner and in need of financial advice!"
Alistair Davis | Director
Jabba Training

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